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It’s Official. The Music World Needs African artists and Sounds

As if you needed any more proof, Beyonce's album Renaissance features a heavy South African sound with one of her

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Humanrace – First Look At Pharrell’s New Skincare Line

47-year-old Pharrell Willams (yes, you read that right) is finally adding skincare mogul to his endless résumé with the launch

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All you need to know about steaming your hair

If you have a curly or coily hair texture, you probably know that the best way to keep your hair

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The unattractive face of black beauty cosmetics

A desire for your skin to glow and feel beautiful with the use of cosmetics is not a sin. However,

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How to keep your skin moisturized, bright, and hydrated in the winter

For many years considered optional, taking care of your skin is essential for men, assuming you want to look good

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Car review: More or Less?

The New Porsche 718 Boxster S has two less cylinders and a lot more Horsepower and Torque, but is it

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4 Afro hairstyle Ideas to stay fly from work till dinner time

At Work: The Bun This hairstyle is one of the most appropriate one at work. It looks polished and flawless.

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Best Black-Owned Beauty Brands To Shop Right Now!

This is a roundup of 35 best Black-owned Beauty brands to shop and support right away. Talking about beauty might

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“I Never Saw Models with My (Rare 1 in 100,000) Skin Condition So I Became One’’ – Jeyza Gary

Jayzy Gary, born with a skin a condition known as #lamellarichthyosis shares her story how she became a model despite

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How to prepare and maintain natural hair at night

Moisturize your hair before bed timeIf you wear your natural hair out all day long, the probability is high that

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