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Humanrace – First Look At Pharrell’s New Skincare Line

Humanrace – First Look At Pharrell’s New  Skincare Line
  • PublishedNovember 18, 2020

47-year-old Pharrell Willams (yes, you read that right) is finally adding skincare mogul to his endless résumé with the launch of Humanrace. It appears there’s something in the water when it comes to skincare – A lot of celebrities seem to be going into it. The latest? The famously young-looking musician Pharrell Williams is the latest celeb to enter the grooming game.


However, we definitely can’t complain. If there is one celebrity who should have a skincare line, it’s Pharrell. Why? We can finally learn his age-defying secrets – For a price of course! Humanrace is a genderless skincare line that is heavy on exfoliation. Going back to 2017 when he admitted that he exfoliates “like a madman”, it’s not hard to see why.

Created in partnership with his personal dermatologist of 20 years, Elena Jones, MD, the line will feature three products: Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, and Humidifying Cream. The simple routine appropriate for all skin types was designed by Pharrell and Dr. Jones and “engineered for optimal exfoliation and hydration to support lasting skin health“, according to the press release.


It was important to Pharrell when designing them that they be earth friendly, too. The gentle products use clean, vegan ingredients and the packaging is made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. In addition, all the product containers are able to be refilled to further cut down on plastic waste.

The skincare line checks all the boxes a skincare line should these days: genderless, clean, sustainable, transparent. Although I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the products yet; but hey, if it works for Pharrell, it very well could work for me – and you. And if they can help me get even a fraction of the youthful glow he has, I’m willing to try.

Humanrace Release Date.

The line of products would be launched on the 25th of November. Took him long enough! It was like he always knew we were desperate to know what he did and never wanted to fully let us behind the curtain. That is, until now.


So, tell us; would you be buying?

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