Ethiopia’s First Female Superhero comic, Bags Nomination

Ethiopia’s First Female Superhero comic, Bags Nomination
  • PublishedMay 21, 2020

Ethiopia’s First Female Superhero Comic “Hawi” is Nominated for “Best Graphic Novel”. This nomination is at the annual NOMMO Awards for African Speculative Fiction.

The NOMMO Awards are often presented in four categories. These categories include; “Best Novel”, “Best Novella”, “Best Short Story” and “Best Graphic Novel”. Written by Beserat Debebe, Hawi is Ethiopia’s first female superhero comic. Meanwhile, Jember, written by Debebe, made it onto the long-list in the same category. “Jember” was the country’s first-ever comic; from ETAN comics

Ethiopia First Female Superhero

“Centers a female superhero, Hawi is the story of a young Ethiopian woman named Ement Legesse. Who is tasked with having to rescue her mother after she’s is abducted”; Debebe says in an interview. The visuals are nothing short of stunning and showcase Debebe’s talented team of African artists. While telling a great story, but still using their unique abilities to capture the vibrancy of Ethiopia. A story about returning to one’s roots and having the courage to rise above challenges. Although these challenges come with seeking settlement and belonging. However, it’s one we can all relate to either literally or figuratively.

Ethiopia's First Female Superhero

“This is incredible!” Debebe says while speaking about the recent nomination.

However, He adds; “I loved fantasy stories but I’d never considered myself as a writer. While all I wanted, was to see a story with places I recognize and characters that think like me. To see this journey balloon from a simple “what if” into a community of passionate fans is exciting and motivating.”

Hawi Female superhero comic

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