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The Last Dance – Michael Jordan Of ESPN Documentaries

The Last Dance – Michael Jordan Of ESPN Documentaries
  • PublishedMay 21, 2020

“The Last Dance” is the Michael Jordan of documentaries for ESPN; at least in terms of ratings. “The Last Dance”, is a 10-episode docuseries focused on Michael Jordan and the Chicago bulls rise to 6 NBA Championships. 

The Last Dance

With the last two episodes showed on Sunday, ESPN reports its the most-watched documentary ever on the network.  Debuting in April, the docuseries amassed a total of 5.6 million views. The first two episodes of this docuseries are still ESPN’s most-viewed original content since 2004. Meanwhile, the series was also a hit on social media. It was the trending topic on Twitter every Sunday night a new episode was released.  

The Last Dance

“We are thrilled with the response from fans throughout the run of the series,” Connor Schell, ESPN’s executive V.P of content, said in a statement. “The past five Sunday nights have brought fans together providing the type of communal viewing experience traditionally reserved for live sports.” 

Furthermore, the network announced an upcoming “Game 6: The Movie”. The film would take an in-depth look at Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. The finals that saw the Chicago Bulls, take on Utah Jazz in an Iconic game NBA history. It premiered on the 20th of May, at 9 pm EDT.

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