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Lac Assal also known as Lake Assal is a crater lake in the Danakil desert in Tadjoura, Djibouti. It is  the third saltiest water body in the world. It is rimmed by white crusts of salt on every edge.  

Lac Assal is the lowest point in Africa and the third lowest point in the world at 155m below sea level. It has one of the world’s largest salt reserves. It has been used for salt harvesting as the wet section of the lake is made up of extremely salty water fed by hot springs and the dry part where salt is extracted from is a white salt bed from which lake water evaporated over the years. 

The lake is surrounded by volcanoes and black lava fields which add to the beauty of the lake. One of the things that makes the lake beautiful is the contrast between the pure white salt bed and the turquoise blue color of the lake. The local vendors beside Lac Assal sell salt crystals, rocks encrusted with salt, skulls, seashells and other trinkets and tangibles from the lake. 

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