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Amazon Prime Video takes on Nigeria

Amazon Prime Video takes on Nigeria
  • Published6 months ago

Amazon prime video has extended its service to Nigeria after it entered Africa in 2016. The movie streaming app has been in Africa for a while, but the locals had to pay in dollars until August 4, 2022, when they launched a localized version. Nigerians can now pay in their local currency for a token of N2300 per month.

Amazon prime also has plans to invest in local filmmakers to produce Nollywood movies for the streaming platform. In light of this, Amazon’s first Nollywood movie ‘Gangs of Lagos’ is scheduled to launch later this year.

Amazon also hosted the biggest stars in the movie industry and consumers at their first experience prime video event. Amazon introduced the consumers to the platform and showcased the kind of experience they should expect.

Guests at the blue tie event

Consumers can watch Nollywood movies like ‘The Blood Covenant,’ ‘Progressive Tailors’ Club,’ ‘King of Thieves,’ and many more.

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Mariam Salaudeen

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