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9 things to know about Plantains

9 things to know about Plantains
  • PublishedMarch 21, 2020

1.The cooking banana (a.k.a. plantain) comes from Africa, South America and the West Indies, but is also very popular in Canada.

2. It is a fruit that is not eaten like a common banana. Cooked like a potato, it is actually consumed like a vegetable.

3. Cooking bananas are the banana’s cousin: they are bigger, thicker and longer than the mainstream banana, less sweet and green.

4. Be careful when you buy your cooking banana, it must be tough, without any stains and just ripe.

5. Don’t be selfish, share it with your kids. It is safe to eat for a child as young as eight months.

6. While you are watching sports on TV with friends, forget about conventional chips for a while. Try cooking banana crisps, you’ll be sure to fall in love!

7. If you have no place to store them in your cupboards, you can put them in the freezer  making sure that they are peeled and individually packed.

8. Cooking bananas are good for your health: composed of carbohydrates, potassium, fiber or vitamin C (only if it is cooked), they will benefit your whole body, give you energy and please your palate simultaneously.

9. Since plantains are starchy, try accompaning them with a meat or fish dish, they’re the perfect complement!

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