Stella Nyanzi Arrested for Protesting the ‘Slow Distribution of Food’ In Uganda

Ugandan Scholar and activist, Stella Nyanzi and other protesters have been arrested arrested in Kampala for carrying out peaceful demonstrations against the ‘’Slow distribution of food’’ during the ongoing lockdown.

According to reports, Nyanzi and the other protesters were arrested as they marched towards the home of the Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda to discuss why people were without food despite donations being made.

Stella Nyanzi, a government critic, has been arrested by police officers as she organised a protest for more food distribution by the government to people struggling with measures imposed to control the spread of the new coronavirus in Uganda

A petition from ‘’The Women’s Protest Working Group,’’ led by Nyanzi alleged that many poor Ugandans are yet to receive food relief packages from the government, causing them to go hungry

The group criticized the current process for food distribution, suggesting that the role be given to community leaders rather than military officials. “Many Ugandans have been excluded from the distribution of food relief by a hastily assembled military outfit,” Nyanzi is quoted as saying before her arrest. “Churches, mosques and other civil society institutions that have closer ties and networking within their communities were unfairly denied a chance to help their communities in the time of need and yet they would have been instrumental in mobilising and distributing food with clear guidelines.”

Stella Nyanzi, struggling with the Ugandan Police

She further added: “We note that the anti-COVID measures have created an apartheid and occasioned avoidable suffering upon many vulnerable Ugandans especially women and low income earners who scrounge a livelihood in closed spaces, rental markets and other ordinary chores.”

However, a video capturing the scene shows Nyanzi being dragged away by police officers as she yells “my children are hungry I want food, I just want food.”


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