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Spotify releases new playlists to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence

To celebrate Nigeria’s independence, Spotify has unveiled three playlists to showcase the diversity of music in Nigeria. The playlists are a fusion of Fuji and other genres of music. The playlists are expected to relate to all age brackets, and the kind of music Nigerians have been listening to for over a decade. The range from Fuji to Afrobeats makes it easy for the playlist to be enjoyed and for people to discover new genres of music.

Before the emergence of Afrobeats, there were other music genres enjoyed by people. In light of this, Spotify has given a voice to the unsung genre while highlighting the journey to the success of afrobeats. The playlists unveiled by Spotify are enumerated below.

. The Sound of Fuji

This playlist showcases the evolution of the Fuji genre. It features songs from the likes of Kollington Ayinla, Wasiu Ayinde, down to Wasiu Alabi Pasuma.

. I Love my 2000s Afrobeats

For the love of old-school music, this playlist brings a nostalgic feeling to its listeners. The playlist features the essential Afrobeat tracks of the 2000s.

. I Love my 2010s Afrobeats

This playlist brings us to the new school era. It features songs that kickstarted the Afrobeats to the world movement.

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