Spotify Africa invests in New Africa Podcast Fund Initiative

The global music streaming app Spotify launched in Africa a few years ago, and they have made it their goal to spread positivity and support the careers of African creatives and musicians. The Stockholm-based company has also expanded to other African countries after its first launch in South Africa in 2018. In line with their knack for supporting creativity, Spotify has announced a podcast initiative ‘The Africa Podcast Fund’ which is the first of its kind. The company will be investing $100,000 into the initiative.

The initiative aims to select creators with the biggest podcast listenership in Africa, then help amplify their careers and introduce them to a new audience. The countries selected are South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Some of the podcasts selected are ‘I Said What I Said,’ ‘Tea With Tay,’ ‘Nipe Story.’ A Cameroonian podcast with a large audience in France and Francophone countries like Cote d’Ivoire was also selected. The $100,000 grant will bolster the careers of these podcast creators through financial grants, workshops and networking opportunities.

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