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Rwanda’s Latest Statues: a Must See Tourist Site for African Travelers

Rwanda’s Latest Statues: a Must See Tourist Site for African Travelers
  • PublishedJune 22, 2020

With Rwanda’s Latest Statues, Rwanda is inching closer to becoming the choicest tourist destination in Africa and the latest statues beautifully crafted and sited in Kigali is a must see for African Travelers.

Going down memory lane in late 2019, spectacular life-like statues were presented, photos of a new sculpture in Rwanda, Kigali at Kicukiro-Sonatubes roundabout have recently been trending on social media especially on Twitter where it has received mixed reviews of people asking what it represented and others admiring the incredible artistry of the sculptures.

Having received admiration from Rwandan citizens, the sculptures are a mesmerizingly vivid depiction of the Rwandan culture as it shows two female dancers in the midst of a common dance in Rwanda known as “Gushayaya” and a male drummer ’Umukaraza’ beating a drum to match the rythm of the dance.

A close look at the Statues would reveal its infectious beauty, with detailed design of two dancers dressed in the traditional dancing attire known as ’Inshabure’ with a closely-fitting bustier while the drummer is dressed in a wrapped skirt bunched at the hips and ornaments including ankle and head-band typical of warriors’ regalia in ancient Rwanda.

Meanwhile, Pudence Rubingisa, the Mayor of Kigali said that the sculpture was created to spark strong emotions, especially from visitors as it is strategically located at a junction linking Kicukiro, Remera and the City center. “The sculpture will also be an attraction for tourists who will be visiting Rwanda once Bugesera International Airport will be completed.”

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