Odunsi drops new EP titled ‘Denim’

Odunsi drops new EP titled ‘Denim’
  • Published5 months ago

The Nigerian alternative star Odunsi is back to the music scene with a new EP titled ‘Denim.’ The Ep was released on September 14, 2022. Odunsi came to the limelight after releasing his uniquely curated debut album ‘Time Of Our Lives,’ in 2016. He followed up with his second album ‘Rare’ in 2018. He also collaborated with other alte artistes like Santi and Afrobeats star, Run Town. One of Odunsi’s popular tunes is ‘Star Signs’ which was released in 2019.

The four-track album released by Odunsi is a masterpiece that showcases Odunsi’s ability to play around with different sounds. The EP features 2aab, and it runs for seven minutes. Odunsi’s fans are vibing to this EP, and they are ready to party with the songs blasting in the background.

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Mariam Salaudeen

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