Nicki Minaj Twerks, Shows Cleavage & Debuts Fendi Print Hair.

The latest designer brand to have infiltrated the world of hip-hop is Fendi. The Italian luxury label has become a favorite for rappers and influencers over the last couple of years with their flashy prints and monogrammed clothing. If you want to flex your wealth in the streets, there is nothing better than a clear logo and Fendi has embraced their exclusivity by offering patrons the opportunity to cash out on some stunningly designed goods. Nicki Minaj has been on her Fendi wave for a minute and it looks like she might be preparing us for a collaboration with the design house, dripping in Fendi prints from her head to her toes… literally.

In Minaj’s latest social media contribution, she shows off some major cleavage, keeping her bust covered but just barely. She wears a tiny pink Fendi blazer with nothing underneath, matching bottoms, a furry hat and further Fendi fashions. She even got her hair dyed to reflect her brand allegiance, repping the label’s logo in her tresses. Clearly, she’s trying to get a bag with the Italian designers. It would appear as though she’s actually got something going with Fendi though, shouting them out in the caption and teasing a potential collaboration with the innovators. “All I’ll say is dreams really do come true,” wrote the iconic female rapper, adding more information through her hashtags. “#FendiPrintsOn #ThatIsAFendiFakk coming soon.”

What are you expecting from Minaj’s work with Fendi? Are you going to be keeping an eye on this?

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