Namibia Set to Begin Trial programme for reopening of borders

Namibia Set to Begin Trial programme for reopening of borders
  • PublishedAugust 5, 2020

Namibia has concluded plans to begin a trial programme for reopening of its borders. Since the country closed its borders, the Namibian tourism sector has suffered huge losses. From airlines to accommodation establishments, and from tour operators to activity providers, the loss of the tourism dollar has been significant.

Namibia attracts a number of international tourists who enjoy the variety of attractions the country has to offer. From desert and dunes, to wildlife and shipwrecks, Namibia has much to offer.

Recalled that Namibia has shifted to Level 5 (the lowest level) of its lockdown strategy. Under Level 5, Namibia will move towards reopening its entry points, as well as resuming air travel services. 

While addressing the Nation on 31 July, President Hage Geingob stated: “The modalities have been carefully negotiated and agreed upon, so as to achieve the dual objective of stimulating our tourism sector and safeguarding public health.”

The official resumption of air travel and the reopening of Namibia’s points of entry is scheduled for 18 September.

A trial period that commenced on 3 August, will continue until 17 September 2020. During this time, a limited number of visitors, from select countries, will be allowed to enter Namibia.

The visitors that are allowed to enter Namibia, are from countries with low infection rates, thus, posing a reduced risk when entering Namibia as visitors.

The trial programme will enable Namibian authorities to identify risks and concerns which must be managed before the country can officially reopen its borders later in the year.


On arrival in Namibia, visitors from the selected low-risk countries will be required to present a negative test result to the Namibian authorities.

Namibian president, Hage Geingob announced : “The (selected) international tourists will be required to present a 72-hour negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test result, on arrival.”

In addition, visitors will not be permitted to travel outside of their initial point of entry, for a period of seven days.

Currently, Windhoek’s Hosea Kutako International Airport is the only possible point of entry for international visitors. Therefore, international visitors are required to remain in Windhoek for the first seven days of their visits.

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