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MHD: rapper released under judicial supervision

MHD: rapper released under judicial supervision
  • PublishedJuly 17, 2020

Rapper MHD, who was indicted and imprisoned since January 2019 was released on Thursday under judicial supervision. He was in prison for “intentional homicide” following a deadly brawl in Paris in the summer of 2018.

A source close to the case told AFP that the musician’s lawyer confirmed that he had been released in the middle of the day. Producer; DSK on the Beat, who worked with MHD, posted a short video of MHD at midday on Snapchat. However, he later deleted it. The appeal brought to the Paris public prosecutor’s office on July 7 led to his release.


The artist could however possibly return to detention soon. The Paris Court of Appeal must examine, on July 23, according to a judicial source. If the Paris Court of Appeal were to overturn this order made by a liberty and detention judge, a new deposit warrant could be issued against MHD. Consequently, leading to new imprisonment.

MHD is the self-proclaimed inventor of “afro-trap”- a mixture of rap and African music. In the same vein, getting appreciation from Madonna and Drake. His successful career came to a halt in January 2019. The reason; he was arraigned for “intentional homicide” and placed in pre-trial detention. He was allegedly involved in a gang fight in the Tenth district of Paris on the night of 5 to 6 July 2018. As a result, caused the death of a young 23-year-old, who was beaten and stabbed.


At least three witnesses formally identified MHD, according to details of the investigation. However, the rapper disputes that.

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