Merveilles de mon enfance

Merveilles de mon enfance
  • PublishedJuly 1, 2020

Pastries are life savers consumed by by Africans and the world at large. Since Pastries gained population with the name ‘’Small Chops’’, it has been a reliable source of income for vendors who venture into selling it.

Recipe Credit: Chef Moos Akougbe

Below are steps and ingredient you need to follow when next you want to prepare your pastry.

– Flour 0,250g
– Butter 0,125g
– Caster sugar 0,100g
– Whole egg 1pcs
– Water 0,110g
– Milk powder 0,015
– Nutmeg powder 3 pinch.

Method of Preparation:

Pour the flour in a bowl,  ensure your sugar, nutmeg powder and butter are grinded into small piece, mix it until they become crumbly powder.

In another bowl, add water, milk powder and mix it well. Then, add the egg. Once it has been mixed properly, add the first mix until it is getting a dough. If it’s a little sticky, you can add one or two spoonfuls of flour to obtain a soft and homogeneous paste.

Cut it into four pieces, then roll the dough wonderfully. Then, cut it to a thickness of 2-Cm and allow it to cook well.

Use a fry pan and preferably a rapeseed oil or any type of oil. 160 to 170 degree. Add the merveille to the hot oil using a slotted spoon, then allow it to stir to obtain a good cooking once the color is fair like a golden blond color. Place them on a plate with an absorbed paper. 

Before tasting, take some time before consumption.

Recipe Credit: Chef Moos Akougbe

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