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Meet Brian Lee, the Ad Executive Seeking to Create 1 Million New Black Millionaires

Meet Brian Lee, the Ad Executive Seeking to Create 1 Million New Black Millionaires
  • PublishedJune 27, 2020

Brian Lee, veteran Advertising executive is seeking to create one one million new Black Millionaires with his Entrepreneurship business network.

Widely known as a seasoned executive in Advertising industry with years of experience working behind the scenes on advertising campaigns from brands like Verizon, Microsoft, and numerous others. Coming from humble beginnings, his own struggles moving up the corporate ladder inspired him to create his own platform called Black Health and Wealth that helps guide Black professionals through corporate America and venturing into entrepreneurship. Brian Lee’s goal is to create one million Black millionaires, creating a new Black Wall Street for our modern society.

With plans on ground, Lee is projecting a roll out plan in phases. In phase one, he will be providing education and professional development to professionals within the network dedicated to helping them navigate through corporate settings in addition to resources for those looking to create their own company. In phase two, the company will introduce a Black business network to centralize all Black businesses to an easy-to-access network in addition to new initiatives to hold companies accountable for their diversity policies.

The prolific Ad executive hopes that the current movement of transforming Black businesses, along with the celebration of holidays like Juneteenth will inspire others in the community to become a part of the network to continue to help Black business owners and professionals thrive.

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