Mali: Opposition Openly rejects ECOWAS Proposals for a third time

In what will be described as a recurrent struggle, the Malian opposition has rejected for the third time on Thursday, a compromise aimed at solving the country’s political crisis, which has lasted for weeks.

The June 5 movement asked for the resignation of president Ibrahim Boubakar Keita and accused his government of responsibility for the current chaos.

This followed the meeting of the Economic Community of West African States or ECOWAS, who urged Keita to create a unity government and that 31 members of parliament resign.

“By asking the members of parliament to resign, ECOWAS has failed,” said Marcelin Guenguéré, Member of Parliament for the party ‘Mali Qui Bouge’.

“It’s not their place to ask for that. There are other solutions than asking for the resignation of a number of MPs.” The 31 MPs have so far refused to resign.

The opposition said that the bloc’s proposal “do not meet the expectations and aspirations of the Malian people in any form, and above all breach the laws and constitution of Mali”.

The president has tasked his cabinet to start negotiations to form a unity government.

Keita, who is 76, has been in power since 2013.

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