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Jackie Aina’s controversial candles

Jackie Aina’s controversial candles
  • Published6 months ago

On 4th of August 2022, Nigerian-American beauty content creator, US Army veteran, and makeup artist Jackie Aina added four new candle collections to her cosmetic and self-care brand ‘Forvr Mood’. The luxury lifestyle brand was founded by Jackie Aina and her beau Daniel Asamoah in 2020.

One of the candles in the new collection was named ‘Soro Soke’, a phrase used by Nigerian youths during their protests against police brutality. The phrase means  “Speak Up!” or “Don’t be silent” and is of Yoruba origin. The choice of name by Jackie attracted a negative reaction from the youths as they felt it was insensitive of Jackie to use such a phrase, owing to the fact that she was silent during the protest. 

Jackie’s brand has released a press statement apologizing to the youths and anyone that felt offended by her brand and has pulled the candle from the market and production. 

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Mariam Salaudeen

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