Gender-Inclusive Line of Tie-Dyed Basics (Baby Onesie Included)

Gender-Inclusive Line of Tie-Dyed Basics (Baby Onesie Included)
  • PublishedJune 26, 2019

Kehlani gave birth  to her daughter Adeya Nomi just a few months ago, but she’s already proven herself a master at mommy-daughter outfit coordination. When Kehlani isn’t accessorizing her Harley Davidson crop top and mall goth-belted blue jeans with a baby stroller, she’s dressing Adeya in little garments that perfectly match her own, as she did when they both wore summery red floral patterns earlier this month.

Now, the Oakland-born singer-songwriter is bringing her daughter to the forefront with her latest venture. Tomorrow, Kehlani will officially launch TSNMI a new line of basics that are in part inspired by her role as a mother. In addition to gender-inclusive T-shirts, Windbreakers, rainbow lotus flower necklaces, and bucket hats, TSNMI’s first drop will include tie-dye baby onesies with matching, miniature socks. Adeya even stars in the very groovy, West Coast–themed campaign: Kehlani, wearing one of the color-blocked jumpsuits, holds tiny Adeya, who is dressed in a canary yellow tie-dye set and a little orange beanie. TSNMI is inclusive in the broadest sense of the term: even babies can wear it.

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