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Five Most Promising Smart City Plans in Africa

Five Most Promising Smart City Plans in Africa
  • PublishedJune 23, 2020

Over a decade now, It is worthy to note that the new narrative in Africa being pushed in mainstream media is about the commencement of Smart Cities.

For the records, Africa as a Continent,  is responsible for the fastest urbanization process anywhere in the world. Currently, about only 40% of Africa’s population live in cities.

As we may know, Smart cities depict not just a departure from conventionality but on the part of governments, it shows a commitment to partaking in the modern global conversations on tech and sustainability.

Tatu City, Kenya:

Tatu City is expected to be a 5,000-acre land development that will be home to 150,000 people.

Tatu City, Kenya
Tatu City, Kenya
Tatu City, Kenya

Waterfall City, South Africa:

Waterfall City is located between Pretoria and Johannesburg and is expected to be completed in 2025. The city will be of both residential and commercial purposes.

Waterfall City, South Africa
Eko Atlantic City, Nigeria

Eko Atlantic City, Nigeria:

Eko is already a name associated with luxury in Nigeria but the Atlantic City is expected to be the reason over 250,000 people move to the planned location in Lagos.

Eko Atlantic City, Nigeria:

Konza Tech CityKenya:

Konza Tech City is expected to be a futuristic city built for purposes of tech innovation. Kenya hopes to complete Konza by 2030, providing over 100,000 jobs in the process.

Vision City is supposed to be Rwanda’s largest housing project since independence. It is located just outside the capital Kigali and will be one of Africa’s first cities to run on completely solar power.

Konza Tech CityKenya:
Vision City, Rwanda
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