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Drake Dropping 2 New Songs to Celebrate Toronto Raptors’ NBA Finals 2019 Victory, Declares infamous “drake curse” dead.

Drake Dropping 2 New Songs to Celebrate Toronto Raptors’ NBA Finals 2019 Victory, Declares infamous “drake curse” dead.
  • PublishedJune 14, 2019

Toronto Raptors superfan, occasional nuisance, and global ambassador Drake —will release two new songs tomorrow to celebrate his favorite team’s first NBA title. One is called “Omertà,” and the other is a Rick Ross-featuring track called “Money in the Grave.” He wrote: “THE CHIP TO THE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!” Check out the artwork below.


After jumping up and down, chugging champagne — he’s the Champagne Papi after all — and hugging everyone around him after the game ended, the rapper announced he’s dropping new music Friday — or as he called it, a “2 pack.”

Tonight, in a post-game interview, Drake discussed the win with reporters. “We did this off of heart. We did this off of love,” he said. “We willed this into existence. We manifested this. I told you the first time. People like to make memes—make another meme out of this. It’s beautiful.”

“They said I was a curse, now they cursing each other out.”

That was Drake’s message to the world moments after his Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Title.

With his favorite team winning a championship, fans wondered whether the well-documented Drake curse is finally dead and buried. The Canadian artist has repeatedly posed for photos with sports players, only for their teams to lose in the near future

Drake “cursed” a number of players while on tour in Europe this year, prompting football club Roma to jokingly ban its players from taking photos with him in April.

Arsenal star Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang attended a Drake concert in London three days before his team lost its Premier League game against Everton.

Manchester United also became a victim of the rapper’s jinx, losing in the FA Cup shortly after its players posed for pictures with him.
It’s not just football players who’ve suffered the fate of the Drake curse. UFC’s Conor McGregor lost a crucial fight after he hung out with him and most recently,  former world heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua lost his belts to underdog Andy Ruiz after posting a photograph of him and Drake on instagram promising to “break the curse”, he didn’t.  Has raptors  broken the infamous curse?  Only time will tell.

Drake And Joshua last month.

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