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Did You Say 3D Fashion Show? Anifa Mvuemba DID THAT

Did You Say 3D Fashion Show? Anifa Mvuemba DID THAT
  • PublishedMay 24, 2020

Anifa Mvuemba, designer of her fashion brand ‘Hanifa’, brought innovation to our screens and the world of fashion which deservedly has gone viral.

On Friday May 22nd, Hanifa Official hosted a virtual fashion show for the launch of its new 10-piece collection, ‘Pink Label Congo’. To give honour to her country, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Anifa shared on the brand website that her hope is that the “collection inspires all women to stand tall in their power and like the Democratic Republic of Congo, to use their history, whether pretty or painful — to redesign their future.”

The fashion show happened on Instagram Live but unlike any other show, it featured 3D models in a never-before-seen style strutting a runway donning each item in the collection. Social media went crazy in love for the show and the clothes with two of them items in the collection currently sold out.

Watch the replay of the 3D Fashion Show below.

The clothes. The styling. The brilliance. The models. The creativity. *chef’s kiss*

Seeing the overwhelming positive attention the show was receiving, Anifa M took to Twitter to share the background, extra details on the concept and the overall journey to the show. Interestingly, the idea was birthed long before the pandemic seriously hit, as she told Teen Vogue. She also expressed the extra effort required to achieve such a flawless show saying “designing content using 3D models and now an entire collection has been a complete game changer for me. It actually requires an even greater amount of attention-to-detail for the clothes to fit and look just right.”

In her Twitter thread, she also shared that a percentage of the proceeds of sales of her ‘Colette’ t-shirt will be used to support Congolese families against illegal colton mining in the DRC.

You can shop items in the collection by visiting Hanifa’s website here.

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