Chinese Government Might Spy On Africa Through Government Buildings

Chinese Government Might Spy On Africa Through Government Buildings
  • PublishedMay 26, 2020

The Chinese government might be spying on Africa through over 186 government buildings and 14 sensitive intra-governmental telecommunication networks  built by her construction companies in the black-populated continent. 

Chinese telecommunications company Huwei was reported by French Newspaper Le  Monde in 2018 to have installed spying gadgets in the African Union headquarters which were daily uploading contents to servers based in Shanghai, China. 

According to reports, at least 40 of Africaโ€™s 54 countries have a government building constructed by a Chinese company with Beijing having donated computers to over 35 countries.

The wealth of information the Chinese government likely gathers in Africa presents four dangers to a world power as the United States: Facilitate Beijingโ€™s influence operations on the continent; Recruit intelligence assets at senior levels of African governments.

Gain insight into U.S. diplomatic strategies, military counterterrorism operations, or joint military exercises; and Disadvantage U.S. companies competing against Chinese firms for Africaโ€™s growing economic opportunities.

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