Aspiring Ghanaian model Lahadi Samira Who Suffers From Alopecia becomes the Face Of ROTR For Her First Show

Aspiring Ghanaian model Lahadi Samira Who Suffers From Alopecia becomes the Face Of ROTR For Her First Show
  • PublishedJuly 22, 2019

Who says dreams don’t come through? Lahadi Samira is an aspiring model that suffers from alopecia, a rare condition that many are unaware exist. Individuals that suffer from alopecia are stripped off their ability to grow hair. Or at times the medical condition has their hair falling out in round patches.

In 2019 this might not be so bad with many black fashion models with low cuts and the natural hair trending movement. Howeer growing up without the ability to grow hair for a young girl can be quite challenging however this has been the reality of Lahadi.

Recently she decided to embark on her modelling journey where she was invited to a recent casting by Rhythms on the Runway (ROTR) put together by K.O.D., her first fashion show casting and no prior catwalk training. ROTR by Ghanaian presenter K.O.D. is one of Ghana’s very popular fashion shows where half the models on the runway are Ghanaain celebrities, and not only did she get the job, but she also struck lucky as the face of ROTR.

She took to her facebook to share the news with her online friends stating “Maud Fadi (friend) sent me a casting call for Rhythms on the Runway. She knew I wanted to Accra fashion week but for some reason she decided to encourage me to come to this very one just for a try.

I had not done any catwalk lessons. I just dressed up and went and she was very happy I made it. I showed the model card to Leana. I had two separate cards which is suppose to one. Because there was no binding agent. She put the cards together in a particular way and showed me how to present it. Let’s end it here.

I did not just make the call, I made the face of Rhythms On Da Runway (Year of return).
Yep!!! I am going to be the first Alopecian to walk the runways of Ghana. To everyone the believed I have the image, story and the strength to do this. Thank you!”

The campaign shoot with feature the well known Regina Van Helvert and other models including Lahadi. Not sure yet if her face will be plasted on billboard, however one thing for sure is expect to see her on the online promotion. See her giving it her all at her first ever photoshoot. Can you see the nervousness? lol. Congrats!!

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