Africa Day: 5 myths about Africa that are wrong

Today is Africa Day; no better day to set the record straight about our continent. There are a lot of different perceptions of Africa from individuals who live outside of it. Meanwhile, most of which are fueled by myths and stories they’ve heard about the continent. Although in recent times tales of such myths have reduced significantly, here are 5 common myths about Africa, that we’ll like to clarify.

Accommodation is terrible

Africa is home to some of the most luxurious spots in the world. From luxury homes, estates, hotels, and resorts, you can be assured of some scenic views.

Africa Day
Lagos, Nigeria.

Africa is home to terrible diseases

Countries in Africa, have done an excellent job in warning visitors traveling to high risks countries. Warning them to keep safe when visiting countries that pose health threats. Travelers are advised to take vaccines and bring insect repellent if they are traveling to high-risk malaria zones. So, they are no special diseases prone to the African continent alone. Meanwhile, some countries like South Africa do not require vaccines to enter. 

Africa is a country

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “I am going to Africa” or “Do you know ____ from Africa”, then you can understand this. Africa is a continent that boasts 54 countries, all offering its unique experiences; get familiar. You hardly ever hear “I’m going to Europe” when traveling to London. Take note!

Wild animals are roaming free

Africa has designated parks and game reserves where these wild animals, roam freely. Tourists are more than welcome to go on a safari to see these animals. The chances of running into a Leopard on the street or your hotel room is pretty slim.

Africa is a hotbox for crime

Like anywhere in the world, African countries do have crime. Nonetheless, it is not as dangerous as people paint it to be. While one cannot overlook criminal activities, it’s necessary to research the places you want to visit. Speak to your travel agent about your concerns and befriend locals in the country to find out about the places you should avoid. 

Happy Africa Day!

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