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5 African Movies you need to watch now!

African movies embody some of the richest cultural heritages in Africa. Above all, they show that rich heritage to the rest of the world.

Africa: A large continent affected by dramatic social changes, undergoing political unrest, and intense economic transitions. However, this great continent has birthed some of the most creative minds and top industry players in whatever field. In particular, we can deny that in the past few decades, African cinema has enjoyed unprecedented growth and recognition.

From all over the continent, let take a look at the selection of 5 African movies. African movies that served as the backbone of what the African movie industry is right now. today.

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) | South Africa

The well-acclaimed The Gods Must Be Crazy, is one of the most popular comedies to come out of the African movie industry. The movie follows the story of a bushman who discovers a coke bottle that dropped from a passing plane. However, the object is considered a gift from the gods by his local village.

In an attempt to track down its meaning, he decided to travel to the end of the world to destroy it. Along the way, he crosses paths with a clumsy biologist, a schoolteacher, a reporter, and a band of revolutionaries looking to overthrow the government. Although Guaranteed to have you laughing from start to finish, this movie is a comical representation of difference between two cultures.

Hotel Rwanda (2004) | Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is a heart-wrenching historical drama about the genocide that took place in Rwanda over a decade ago. While over 1 million people were being murdered, the world looked the other way.

Terry George’s movie follows the life of an ordinary family man. He had the courage to help thousands of displaced refugees during the genocide. Above all, he provided them with shelter in the hotel he manages.

Osuofia in London (2003) | Nigeria

Currently, the Nigerian film industry is the second largest in the world, with Hollywood leading the chart. However, one of the first to gain an international audience was the comedy smash hit;  Osuofia in London.

The movie tells a story of a native villager – played by award-winning Nkem Owoh, who travels to London to claim his share of the inheritance. Certainly hilarious, the movie provides highly enjoyable entrainment for the whole family.

Black Girl (1966) | Senegal

Following the story of Diouana – a young woman from Dakar, who moves to France to become a nanny for a wealthy French couple. However, with time she realizes that she is no more than a slave to the family.

Told in beautiful black and white images, Ousmane Sembène’s film is a touching story of cultural separation, much of which is still existent today. Most importantly, this African movie touches on long-standing issues of colonialism and racism.

District 9 (2009) | South Africa

The plot of this smash-hit movie was set around futuristic Africa occupied by extraterrestrial beings. This science-fiction African movie; District 9, focuses on an alien race forced to live in terrible conditions on Earth. That is to say, they were Imprisoned in a militarized internment camp called District 9. However, these beings find help in a government agent exposed to their biotechnological abilities.

The African movie industry is a vibrant celebration of the continent and a necessary glimpse into modern-day Africa.

Have you seen any of these movies? Which ones are your favorites?

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