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Netflix moves against Showmaxx introduces cheaper mobile-only subscription in Africa

American Technology and Media service giant, Netflix Inc has concluded plans to introduce cheaper, mobile-only subscription in Nigeria and the

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Africans films makes it to Netflix Catalogue

Africans films have continued to rise in the global market, making it to Netflix catalogue. The most recent one is

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Netflix set to Move $100 million into Black-owned banks

Netflix Inc is set to shift about $100 million to lenders that serve the Black community, making it the largest

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Zimbabwe’s Cook Off: How the $8,000 romcom made it to Netflix

Zimbabwe's "Cook Off" is the first film from the country to feature on the streaming giant; Netflix. Cook Off is

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First Zimbabwean Film Acquired by Netflix: “Cook off”

"Cook Off" is the First Independent Zimbabwean Film to be Acquired by Netflix. Netflix promised to bring the African heat, and

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10 South African Movies & Series Streaming on Netflix

From classics to Netflix originals, and everything in between; here are some great South African movies and series to stream

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“Blood & Water”: Netflix Original African Series.

Netflix announced that its second African Original Series, Blood & Water, would be premiering on May 20th. Shortly after, the official trailer was released

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Nigerian Blockbuster Movie ‘Living In Bondage: Breaking Free’ Arriving Netflix May 22

The modern sequel of the 1992 Nollywood film 'Living In Bondage' will air on Netflix on May 22nd. Living In

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WATCH: Official Trailer for Second Netflix African Original ‘Blood And Water’

Netflix is set to release its Second African Original Series 'Blood and Water.' Queen Sono, released in February 2020 with

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Pearl Thusi stuns as queen sono in netflix’s first african series

Netflix has shown tremendous diversity in it's programming in the past and a willingness to jump into the African market

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