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Cold or COVID? Here’s How To Tell The difference

With the colder months approaching, Africa is entering the traditional seasons for colds and flu, with the additional complication this

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Owambe The Covid-19 way, tips to stay safe

There is perhaps no dispute that Nigeria is one of the most socially vibrant countries in the world. That many

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Corona Virus: the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt tests positive.

Usain Bolt tests positive for the COVID-19 virus after hosting a mask-free bash in celebration of his 34th Birthday. World-record

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Guateng Covid-19 Hero Dies In Active Service

Professor Anton Stoltz, an expert of infectious disease of the Ekurhuleni and Tshwane District Health Services department in Guateng is

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Lesotho Records First Case of Coronavirus

Lesotho has become the last African country to record COVID-19 cases reportedly from a traveller who had visited Saudi Arabia.

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Sadio Mane donates to his home country of Senegal to help combat covid-19 – coronavirus

Liverpool standout Sadia Mane is once again giving back to his homeland. This time his efforts are to assist in

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