Passport privilege is the ability to travel anywhere and everywhere freely. Not everybody has passport Privileges and some people have to apply for a Visa for most of the countries they visit. Not only does the need for visa cost more money, but it also prevents access to things like education, job opportunities, travel and even things as necessary as a better life. 

For frequent African travelers, the way experience they travels are different because they do not have passport privilege. We have a “weak” or lower-ranked passport that does not allow the  the flexibility of traveling without thinking about visa restrictions.

This means – lots of money spent on visas, lots of documentation required, lots of hoops have to jump through just so we can travel. Travel in itself is a privilege, but the color of your passport also adds to that privilege. Many developing nations tend to have a weaker passport and that can limit the options of moving to a different country with more stability or even having a chance at a better life. Those who hold weaker passports simply do not have the same starting point as those with stronger passports.

If you have passport privilege – acknowledge it and show some compassion to those who don’t and if you don’t have passport privilege, I hope you stay encouraged to see the world – because you deserve to, regardless of the color of your passport.

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