Mr Eazi’s emPawa Signs Multi-Year Partnership with Kobalt

Credit: Mr Eazi / Instagram. Photo: For Gaffer.

Nigerian singer and businessman Mr Eazi’s emPawa just signed a multi-year partnership with music rights management and publishing company, Kobalt.

Kobalt provides publishing services for global artists such as The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, Diplo, and Roody Ricch. emPawa seeks to empower young African artists with larger platforms, financing, legal protection and more. Mr Eazi also initiated the emPawa100 (2018/2019) and emPawa30 (2019/2020) talent incubator program to aid upcoming artists.

The new partnership between emPawa and Kobalt includes publishing administration, creative services and sync for all of emPawa’s catalogue and future works, according to Music Business Worldwide.

“Mr Eazi and his team have built up an impressive catalog in a short amount of time. The excitement from their music and mission should be represented worldwide and we look forward to supporting them through our global creative teams and administration,” said Laurent Hubert, CEO, Kobalt Music.

Mr Eazi commented, “We felt we needed a partner that, together with us, can land a heavy knock on the door in the meaningful exposure and optimisation of African music and writers to the world. This partnership with Kobalt will build on what we have done over the past year, maximising our knowledge of African music, writers, culture and history, now with a global tech-driven partner.” He added, “Not only will we have access to the global Kobalt creative team but, via Kobalt’s tech, we can account properly in real time to everyone we represent. It helps us in our mission of accountability to creatives.”

Alison Donald, Kobalt Head of Creative UK said, “Eazi is a truly inspiring entrepreneur who seeks to empower other artists alongside his own fruitful career. We are very excited to be in business with emPawa and we look forward to helping take emPawa to a larger worldwide audience.”

“I’m delighted that Mr Eazi and his team have chosen Kobalt as there’s so much great music emanating from Africa. emPawa’s mission of supporting local artists through funding, education and mentoring initiatives is a great fit with the Kobalt philosophy,” said Miller Williams, Kobalt SVP, Creative UK.

Sharing the news of the deal on Twitter, he wrote, “A step in the right direction.” Mr Eazi also disclosed that the deal has been 3 years in the making and expressed gratitude to Joel Ryan Borquaye, Music Editor at Spotify UK. In a follow up tweet, he marked progress in the growth of emPawa having secured Publishing, Distribution, Neighbouring Rights and Label Services.

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of this partnership!

Congratulations to Mr Eazi and emPawa!!

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