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Every Afrobeats dance you should Know

Afrobeats has gained its place in the heartbeat of Entertainment all over the world. Deeply rooted and pioneered in the soil of Africa, year in and year out, Afrobeats genre has consciously been pushed to the western world.

Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre and Pan-Africanist is known to be the grandfather of Afrobeats, with his records still having a place in the modern Nigerian music sphere.

Apart from the sounds and rhythms associated with Afrobeats, the new generation stars in Africa such as Davido, Fuse ODG, MC Galaxy, Naira Marley, Zlatan, Olamide, etc, also contribute to the culture of Afrobeats by creating dance steps that resonated with music fans in Africa, and by extension the world over. The proponent of the dance, Zlatan first appeared on Chinko Ekun’s “Able God”, a song on which he willed Nigerians, mostly youngsters, to get a laptop and start stealing on the internet. After this, he would release his own single, “Zanku (Legwork)”, a move that eventually put shaku shaku to rest. The Zanku dance has been a movement since finding its way to the heart of music lovers in Nigeria.

  1. Gbese

Gbese seemed to have picked its elements from the popular Zanku dance. The ‘Gbese’ dance became a popular wave in 2019 in music videos and was danced in music shows and clubs across Africa.

  1. Shaku Shaku

Nigerian rapper, Olamide created the ‘Shaku Shaku dance’, which turned out to be popular on the streets and clubs. Shaku Shaku is mainly a Street dance. The dance steps are like the steps of a drunk person or someone who has smoked copious amounts of weed. It is done by stretching out the arm and crossing them over each other in front with the legs widened out and launching into a graceful half-galloping.

  1. Skelewu

“Skelewu” is a song by Nigerian singer Davido, released on 13 August 2013. Davido promoted “Skelewu” by uploading an instructional dance video of it to YouTube on 18 August 2013. Directed by Jassy Generation, the video’s release was accompanied by an announcement of the Skelewu dance competition. In order to win the competition, participants were told to watch the instructional video and upload videos of themselves dancing to “Skelewu”. Skelewu, gained so much popularity and acceptance and had people dancing.

5. Sekem Dance:

MC Galaxy had everybody dancing with the introduction of Sekem dance, a dance steps that gained prominent in Nigeria and beyond the shores of Africa. The word ‘Sekem‘ is a Calabar word and means ‘to move. MC Galaxy’s career hit stardom with the Sekem dance, which had international recognition and got acknowledged by American born producer, Swizz Beatz, who at that time recorded ‘Sekem Remix’ with MC Galaxy.

6. Azonto

Azonto is a dance and music genre from Ghana. The dance was made popular by Ghanaian Singer and Rapper, Fuse ODG after he released his hit single ‘Azonto’. Azonto has all the elements that passes as an Afrobeat dance.

7. Gwara Gwara Dance 

Aside the fact that Nigeria has more Afrobeats dance in the African continent, South Africa is also blessed with a dance culture that makes up the music industry in SA. Gwara Gwara dance is a unique dance that has transcended the borders of South Africa. The Gwara Gwara Dance was made popular by South African dance music artist, DJ Bongz, with the introduction of his hit single “Ofana Nawe,” featuring Sobz.

8. Odi Dance

When mentioning Afrobeats dance in Africa, Kenya cannot be left out. Kenya has a rich culture of Dance moves and viral music that goes with the dance. Odi Dance is once of Kenya’s pop culture dance that made it to the mainstream market. On September 15, 2017, Timeless Noel released ‘Odi Dance‘ which was a viral sensation. The song was nominated for Breakthrough song of the Year at Pulse Music Video Awards. Another dance was popularized by Timeless Noel and Jabidii, ‘Kanyaga Lami’.

9. PILOLO Dance

PILOLO is a dance step Originally created by the famous Ghanaian dance artist INCREDIBLE ZIGI (@incrediblezigi), which made huge waves across the globe in 2018. The Pilolo Dance as it is affectionately called got Janet Jackson and the world dancing along.

10. The Rosalina Dance

Another popular Afrobeat dance is the Rosalina Dance from Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Rosalina Challenge is a dance which has gone viral on the African continent and across the globe. The man behind it is Congolese rapper BM.

Africa is truly blessed and one of its many blessing is the gifting of dance.

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