The Ideas Behind the Blood & Water Series Soundtrack

Blood & Water / Netflix

Blood & Water is Netflix’s Second African Original Series released May 20th (which you should totally check out by the way, if you haven’t already.)

A little over a month since it’s release, comments alluding to the series and its characters still pop up on social media. What’s not to interest you about the show? The secrets, the drama, the lies, the teen angst, the parties? Virtually everyone who’s hit the play button was hooked from episode 1 and compelled to binge watch till the very last second of the finale episode.

There isn’t ever really a great show without great music, right? The soundtrack to the South African series has been raved about about which is very predictable because the composition is that good. The show’s music features African artists such as Sho Madjozi, LADY X,  Kid X,  Afrikan Roots, Crowned Yung, Rowlene, Amanda Black, and Nasty C (who had his acting debut in the show.)

Mzwandile Sibanda spoke to Okay Africa on the involvement of his team at Africa Creative Publishing (ACP), which is a division of Africa Creative Agency (ACA) in the music supervision and curation of Blood & Water.

He shared, “When Colin and I were sitting through and watching episodes and trying to help pick the music, we wanted it to sort of become its own character. There’s a lot of international shows like BallersEntourage and Insecure where the music almost feels like its own character and you almost watch that show for the music discovery. We wanted, to the best of our abilities, to provide Blood & Water with music that’s at a high level and where the music is integral and helps enhance the story.”

Stunned at the audience’s reception of the show’s music, Sibanda said, “We thought people would enjoy the music, but I didn’t anticipate how much of a reaction people would have to it.”

Here’s the soundtrack below!

Have you watched Blood & Water on Netflix? How’d you like the music?

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