Rudeboy Speaks on Cynthia Morgan, May D & Jude Okoye Beef – Video

Rudeboy's image from Guardian.ng

Jude’s former artiste, Cynthia in an explosive interview had called out the record label owner for ruining her career. May D who was also associated with Jude and his brothers did the same by revealing his terrible experience while staying with them. Mr P reacted to the news throwing shade at his brothers and revealed that he left them because he wanted to stand on his own.

Rudeboy who decided to stay silent about the brouhaha finally expressed his thoughts via a recent interview with Boom Buzz. When he was asked why people see Jude Okoye as a wicked man, he responded saying that it was only people whose careers had failed that blamed Jude as a scapegoat.

He added that people who stubbornly believe that they know it all and that they can do it by themselves often fail. He also wondered why the ones who are successful have not come out to make such claims about them. Rudeboy said that before he would sign an artiste or invest in one, probably in this life or the next life, the artiste must provide very good collateral.

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