Watch: Davido’s Daughter, Imade, and Tiwa Savage’s Son, Jamil, take on the viral #FruitSnackChallenge

Staying indoors through the pandemic has brought a lot of internet challenges from the #SavageChallenge to the #DontRushChallenge to the #ToosieSlideChallenge to the #SavageRemixChallenge to the #DudukeChallenge. It’s been pretty entertaining but you might notice a certain age group has been left out of all the fun – toddlers.

A search on the hashtag #FruitSnackChallenge on any social media platform will reveal tons of videos of tots/toddlers/kids presented with their favourite fruit snack but instructed not to eat as the adult leaves the child alone for a couple of seconds, facing them with the tasty temptation of whether to eat their snack or not. While some kids do and some kids do not, a common theme among ALL the videos is how adorable they are!

Imade Adeleke, 5, who just celebrated her birthday teamed up with Jamil, 4, to take on the #FruitSnackChallenge while on a playdate. Will they grab the sweet bites or will they wait as they’ve been asked to?

Enjoy the cuteness below.


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