Are Nigerians About To Change The Game by Puting Big Bow Tie Dresses On The Fashion Map?

If you haven’t seen it yet, as they say in Nigeria, shine your eyes, because one of Africa’s most stylish base is about to put big bow tie dresses on the world map. And no, this is not another step of African remakes of what is already out there and trending.

Bow tie designs have usually found their way on some dresses, mainly for toddlers and babies. In fact even on quite a few couture dresses. But not in the way Nigerian are, or may be taking it. Here we have spotted a number of over sized bow tie looks, one that has circulated the web for years, and another two that randomly popped up.

I’m sure there may be more from alterntive designers and brands, but this is a style that is hardly seen anywhere else. And with all the fashion weeks coming up, we might be a little ahead of a bow tie trend. The bow tie looks can be seen below as we spotted a few years ago on Chimzi’s fashion design. Another look that we felt was also part of sparking the flat fascinator hat trend.
Last month we also spotted the same fabulousity by designer @Bellangeloz as seen on associate of @Amie_jae below…
And then we have our most recent sighting for the Bow tie trend on @LoveFromJulez below.

Do you expect this trend to rise?

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