Listen: Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Drop legit New Record With Ink “Don’t Check On Me”

Chris Brown’s upcoming album is on pace to be a pretty big hit when it finally releases. Since the beginning of this year, the Virginia-based crooner has been teasing the imminent arrival of Indigo, the album he’s been working on for the last year. We’ve already heard a number of songs that are set to be included on Indigo but with over thirty tracks on the back cover, there is still a lot to uncover come June 28. Arguably owning the most high-profile release of the week, Breezy is preparing us for what’s to come by dropping his new single with Justin Bieber and Ink from out of nowhere. 

The guitar-laced song begins with Chris singing softly about a complicated relationship where he completely shuts himself off from the other person. Noting that “every heartbreak has its season,” CB bounces the ball to Justin Bieber, who takes over the second verse. Ink’s vocals flood our eardrums with beautiful harmonies and runs approximately two minutes through. Along with his Drake-assisted song “No Guidance,” this has all the makings of a streaming success. JB and CB together is bound to bring the listeners in.

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