Video: Nobody knows Wizkid in America without Drake – American DJ says.

Four American OAPs were having the Wizkid & Drake discussion on their show when one of them stated that ‘Without Drake, Nobody will Know Wizkid’s song”.

The OAPs, DJ Neva, Dmiles, Jaime Da Great and DJ Crooked were on the Road Podcast when this opinion was made.

In a conversation on the R.O.A.D Podcast, Roctakon and Cipha Sounds – who is Former DJ of American radio station Hot97 opined on Wizkid’s exploit on the international scene liking it to Sean Paul’s.

In a video clip that has surfaced, the podcasters implied that Drake’s collaboration was essential in the exploit to sell Wikzid as ‘face of Afrobeat’ as Sean Paul was for the Jamaican genre but “He’s not even close to what Sean Paul was doing…”

His exact words:
“Nobody knows Wizkid…they try to to make Wizkid be like the Sean Paul of Afrobeats and he’s not even close to what Sean Paul was doing… you knew Sean Paul and that’s what Wizkid was supposed to be but there’s no star of UK scene… we’re music heads and we’re talking to other music heads. Let’s go walk down the street and ask anybody who Wizkid is… there’s no face of Afrobeat, there’s no face yet.”

Watch the clip here

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