New Gillette Ad featuring a Transgender Man Take his First Shave hits 1.4 Plus Million Views in 144 hours

A few days after the publication of the new Gillette ad featuring a transgender man take his first shaving lesson from his father, the said video has remarkably hit over 1.4 million views in 144 hours; the best in the history of Ad views the brand has seen so far, as many believe.

As the Ad portrayed, a man’s first shave is a milestone no matter who he is. But for transgender man Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, it was indeed memorable for several obvious reasons.

The seeming emphasis the said Ad gives to the LGBTQ community as it relates to family support is believed to be the reason for this widespread view at such a short time, especially in a time such as this, when advocacy against violence and discrimination on LGBTQ individuals is at its peak in the United States of America and indeed all over the world.

As CNN correspondence puts it, it might be a fresh breath to a new form of advocacy for family support for LGBTQ. individuals.

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