A Tabloid curiosity of ten years: “We discuss everything from their mother’s sex tape to her drug use”- Single Mom of 14.

You do remember the famous 1997 septuplets born to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey due to an abrupt refusal to indulge in selective reduction after the ‘miracle’ of a hormonal therapy with the fertility pill by name ‘metrodin’.

One would also recall that the McCaughey family received more than a ton of cash donations, and even their family house worth over $ 300, 000 was gifted to them, and offers which were regrettably declined of reality shows queued endlessly, waiting hopefully on a reconsideration; if ever Kenny McCaughey decided he no longer wanted to give the kids a life as normal as possible.

The parents; Bobbi and Kenny received a reasonable amount of media attention from the press at the time, some positive and some negative. Some individuals thought it was a selfish decision to reject the selective reduction route, especially because there was a greater chance for all the McCaughey babies to live healthy lives, especially when the news of two of the babies were confirmed to be born with Cerebral Palsy.

The birth of the Septuplets had become a ‘fame-bubble’, especially when it was confirmed that the American president at the time; Bill Clinton had called in to wish the family well, and in the same way, the family made an appearance at the Oprah Winfrey show as well as met with George W. Bush.
Several rumors of an alleged intention to achieve widespread fame sprang up when Natalie Suleman; single mom of six announced she was having octuplets via IVF. People could not imagine why a single lady who already has six under-aged children would opt to carry on with an eight infant pregnancy, regardless of alleged financial constraints. Natalie was reported to have broken a rib in the cause of carrying her babies to full term, and in addition to that, her IVF doctor; Dr. Kamrava, an Iranian nationalist with a 30 years medical experience, whom she revealed to have coerced her to consent to implanting additional embryos under the influence of narcotics, despite her revelation of only wanting a set of twins; later lost his US medical license in 2011. As opposed to the McCaughey situation, Natalie received widespread disapproval and less support, although reports of a huge cash out hit the headlines during the early months after birth. In a report in December 2018, the New York Times reported in an interview she granted that she had admitted to being threatened and defrauded by her manager who had introduced her into the world of pornography after she had checked out from rehab in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

The single mom of 14 has on two occasions being charged with suits of child endangerment and exploitation for which she had refuted on an Oprah and Dr. Phil show
Now new sources for the second time say she admits to trying to find herself and have taken to discussing her drug abuse and pornography journey with her ten year old babies, after a December 2018 report, although Natalie still maintains the children are healthy and are getting the best of parenting care.
In a world of a seemingly proactive pursuit for fame, rather than fame be the side dish for talent as was prevalent in the1900s, we would love to know your thoughts in the comment session.

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