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In the Ondo State of southwest Nigeria, Idanre Hill, also known as Oke Idanre, is situated in the town of Idanre. The Precambrian igneous batholith beneath Idanre Hills, which is around 500 million years old, is split along numerous massive cracks by deep valleys.

The Idanre hill’s scenery is well-known. Because of the great range of cultural sites there, including “Owa’s Palace,” shrines, The Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Apaara), and burial grounds, the area has subsequently gained notoriety and been nominated by the country for the short list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is located at a height of 3000 feet (914.4 meters) above sea level and has a distinctive environment that the cultural landscape has assimilated.

There are nine supposedly ancient wonders and beliefs on Idanre Hill.

The First “Ibi Akaso ” Step 2. The royal residence 3. The Legacy of Agboogun 4. Unreadable signs 5. Agboogun’s footprints 6. The wonderful mat 7. Aopara Water “Omi Aopara ” 8. The Orosun Hill 9. River Arun

The Perret’s toad, Amietophrynus peretti, is only known from one site at Idanre Hill. The Omo Forests in Ogun State, the Okomu National Park in Edo State, the Cross River National Park in Cross River State, the Idanre Forests and Osse River Park in Ondo State, and the Andoni Island in Rivers State are the five locations in southern Nigeria where forest elephants can be found. Foundation for Nigerian Conservation

The old city of Idanre has been located on the hill since antiquity, but Western civilization was first brought there in 1894 by a group of missionaries under the direction of Rev. Gilbert Carter. The first elementary school was built by missionaries in 1896, and the sturdy clay structure still exists today. A law court with an old prison where the prisoners serve out their sentences was founded in 1906.

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